Yuva Kendra Voice Workshop Reflection

Yuva Kendra Voice Workshop


In 2019 Kutumb established the Square One Experimental Theatre in Sector 10, Noida, supported by HCL Foundation. We are training a group of 50 young people (broken into at least two batches of 25 students each) in the fundamentals of theatre and drama exploring conventions such as process drama, object theatre, clowning, and theatre of the oppressed. These young people are building the foundation for pursuing work as a theatre professional, encompassing on-stage, back-stage, and theatre educator opportunities. As part of their journey, students participate in internships and contribute to the Square one Experimental Theatre which is open for performing artists and theatre troupes to perform and is the only such space open in Noida. EVENT UPDATE: Square One presents Jashn-e-Rang- A Collegiate Theater Festival, to celebrate 20 years of the Kutumb Foundation which will be held on the 8th, 9th & 10th of April from 5pm-8pm at our Square One arts hub and theatre space in Noida.

YuvaKendra Monologue

युवा केंद्र के बच्चो ने किए अपने मोनोलॉग्स परफॉर्म।

YuvaKendra Monologue

युवा केंद्र के बच्चो ने अपने मोनोलॉग के प्रॉसेस और अनुभवों को शेयर किया।

Yuva Kendra Lights Workshop

युवा केंद्र के बच्चों ने अपनी परफॉरमेंस को लाइट्स के साथ पेश किया और लाइट्स की वर्कशॉप की लर्निंग्स भी शेयर की।

Yuva Kendra Mime

The students were asked to do this activity in pairs. One students mimed an action from their daily routine, and the other student observed and notices each detail. Then the second student copied the action as precisely as possible.

Yuva Kendra Andey ke Chilkey

देखतें है कि अब अंडे के छिलके नाटक में क्या होता है?

Yuva Kendra Mime

युवा केन्द्र के राज और चुमकी ने अपने गुस्से के भाव को पेश किया।